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Working with a recruiter is a great way to break into the job world. Recruiters work directly with the hiring managers and know all the ins and outs of the interview process. Not only can recruiters find you a long term job, but can also open your eyes up to a variety of different positions for you to see how you like. But remember, you aren’t the only person working with that recruiter. Here are 7 tips / tricks / ideas to keep in mind.

1. Honesty

Tell the truth. The recruiter will always be truthful to you, so expect to do the same. In the end, both you and the recruiter want to find you a job. If you are interviewing with other companies, tell your recruiter. No, that will not take you out of the running for any positions. Just be honest with your recruiter so you both are on the same page and nothing comes as a surprise attack.

2. Pick up the Phone

If you decide to work with a recruiter you are committing to answering your phone. When your recruiter calls you, most of the time it is good news. If your recruiter leaves you a voicemail, call them back. Just keep in mind when going on with your daily activities to be available to talk and be responsive.

3. Respectful

Be patient. Unfortunately, you are not the only person working with the recruiter. They work with various different people and clients. Be patient and respectful when contacting your recruiter. Communicate with them when you have updates or questions. The recruiter will 100% reach out to you as soon as they hear any new information. Keep in mind that the recruiter will coach you on the client, and prep you for your interview, just be patient with them.

4. Available

The recruiting and staffing industry is a very time sensitive industry. Sometimes they will get an assignment that starts for the very next day. If you are serious about finding a job, be available. You are on the client/recruiters time, not your own.

5. Check In

Do not bombard the recruiter with calls daily asking if they have any jobs open. They will contact you when they have a match. With that being said, check in every so often. Call every two weeks, or send a quick e-mail checking in.

6. Be Open

Don’t be set on a certain industry and a certain salary. Be open to hearing about other companies and other positions. You never know what you might be a good fit for!

7. Decision…Commit

It’s as simple as this- if you decide to accept an interview, commit to the interview and show up. If you decide to take a position, work that position as hard as you can. Make a decision and commit to your decision.

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