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1. You can only get a temporary job, no such thing as a “real job”

Jobs available through staffing agencies are REAL jobs. When you receive an offer from a company though a staffing firm, you are receiving a real job. Not only are you getting a real job, but also real work experience. Even if your position is 2-weeks or 2-months, you never know what the position could turn into. Temporary employees have a better chance of turning their position into a permanent one by proving they are an asset to the company.

2. The pay isn’t as good

If this was true, no one would use staffing agencies. Companies have a set budget for all of their employees. Employees are compensated based on their experience. Your pay does not depend on how you obtain the position. Employers value hard work and want to compensate you for your time and work.

3. Placement with a company only last a short amount of time

One thing you will notice is that it all depends on the assignment / the company’s needs. Positions vary from 2 days to 16 weeks, to 12 months, or longer. Staffing agencies do offer non-permanent jobs, which allow you to get the feel for a work environment and to figure out what you like and don’t like. On the other hand, agencies do offer positions that you could end up at for the rest of your life. The beauty of working with an agency is that you get exposed to a variety of different companies, positions, and experience.

4. We only staff entry-level positions

Companies use staffing agencies to fill all different types of positions. They offer a range from professional positions, to senior-level, entry-level and positions that require a certain specialty. Staffing companies want to show off their candidates and help them further their careers.

At North Bridge Staffing Group, we are your source for outstanding temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct hire career opportunities. We have preferred placements with Chicagoland’s leading companies in a wide variety of industries. And our diverse employment options give you flexibility and choice, so you can find an ideal short-term, long-term, temp-to-hire or direct hire assignment.


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