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Innovation is essential to growth in any space, but it’s become a cornerstone of the American economy with the loss of industrial and manufacturing strength. Coming to Chicago from May 2 to June 1 is the UChicago Innovation Fest 2017, which is all about spurring exactly the kind of innovation we need to keep moving forward.

UChicago Innovation Fest Logo

The University community and the public will come together to listen, consider and speculate about ventures and science that will lead our communities in years to come in areas of technology, science and the arts.

Much like the old-timey “World’s Fairs” where inventions and ideas were display to remind us all of our human capacity as creators, the Innovation Fest will host workshops, discussions and competitions.

“The diversity and range of this year’s Innovation Fest lineup really illustrates the vastness of ideas and research that are emerging from the University of Chicago today,” said John Flavin, associate vice president of entrepreneurship and innovation and head of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Check out the full schedule of events, and consider checking it out for yourself. Beyond being a great event, it’s the kind of thing that makes us grateful for having a world-class school like the U of C here.

This relates to our business, too: Our ability to find tomorrow’s talent stems, in part, from understanding the potential of today’s Big Thinkers and visionaries, and understanding the importance of the human capital that brings great ideas to life.


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