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hiremeHiring recent graduates is something employers can go back and forth about. I strongly believe that companies should in fact hire recent graduates. When I say recent graduates I mean ones that show qualities such as determination.

With hiring recent graduates, not only do you gain fresh ideas, but motivation to make an impact and eagerness to earn success. As the world evolves, companies need to be adaptable to new technology and stay current in order to succeed. With hiring recent graduates allows opportunity for them to share all of their fresh knowledge they just learned, along with being up to date with current trends and ways to attract new business.

Employers could say that recent graduates have no experience in the real world, which is somewhat true, but how do you gain experience if no one is willing to give you a chance? Hiring recent graduates is like a clean canvas, it gives them the opportunity to prove themselves and show why they are qualified for a position, as well as incorporating obstacles they’ve overcame from past jobs and internships. Don’t get me wrong, there are two types of people, ones that are determined to succeed and others that lack motivation and want to achieve without putting in the work. You just have to weed out the bad ones, which shouldn’t be too difficult. A dedicated recent graduate’s resume will be A+ worthy.

Recent graduates also come with motivation to make an impact, with spending majority of their life in school they are ready to get out in the real world and apply everything they just learned. People often disagree and say that recent graduates are just interested in compensation, which plays a factor in everybody, but it is way more than just that. Recent graduates are motivated to land a job so they can continue learning newer skills, improving themselves as an employee, and providing skills and knowledge to add value to a company.

Lastly, I believe that recent graduates want to earn success. Being able to push and challenge yourself every day to achieve success is a quality that recent graduates possess. Before employers turn their heads to recent graduates I would like them to think about what comes with hiring recent graduates.

I strongly believe that recent graduates who are determined to succeed, motivated to work, have the ability to learn from obstacles that may come their way and are loyal are ones worth hiring.

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Pat DuganWe’re happy to say we’ve been recognized with an Award of Merit in the Company Web Site category for our recently-updated Web site, in the 2010 American Staffing Association VOICE Awards!

As the ASA Web site explains,

“ASA member companies were recognized for the vision, originality, innovation, creativity, and effectiveness (VOICE) of their communications campaigns.”

This national annual awards program recognizes the best ASA member communications campaigns in 16 categories, from direct mail to public service.Voice10-3C

We’ve had nothing but compliments about our site, which was developed by our friends at Biersma Creative.  It’s not only contemporary and logical to navigate, but it’s rich with detail about our people and our services, and (we think) projects a real “sense of place” about our being a Chicago-based company that knows and understands the staffing market here in our hometown.  Plus, we’ve designed it to provide a reliable source of information and counsel for both companies and candidates.

A complete list of winners will be published in an upcoming issue of Staffing Week newsletter, and more about the competition and the judges will be featured in the November–December 2010 issue of Staffing Success magazine.

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pat_smallWe’re happy to introduce you to Jessica Stacy, Account Executive, the newest member of the North Bridge team.  With over 4 years of sales experience, and a “work hard, play hard” mentality that will be a huge asset to our clients,  Jessica was drawn to North Bridge’s mission of continuously exceeding client objectives by finding the perfect candidate fit.jessica

As her bio puts it, Jessica’s greatest achievement in life — thus far — was winning the Women’s Basketball National Championship in college.  She also enjoys working out, beach volleyball, photography, and going out with friends, and has a real passion for traveling.  We’re happy to have her on board, and we’re positive our clients will appreciate her intensity and dedication as well!


Pat DuganHere at North Bridge, we’re pitching in to help support U.S. military personnel on duty halfway around the world.  Our staff, along with our candidates, will be sending “CARE packages” of items to the brave men and women stationed in Afghanistan.  If you would like to contribute to our packages, this link will show you the items most requested by our troops. Thank you for your support!

You can also pitch in by visiting and finding out how you or your business can join the effort and show your appreciation.

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Pat DuganCongratulations to our friends at Cassiday Schade! As winners of our Opening Day ticket giveaway, they’ll be headed out to Wrigley for the Cubs’ home opener on Monday, April 12, when the Brewers come to town!

Pat DuganA big part of the culture here at North Bridge is about outreach.  We’re firm believers in doing whatever we can, whenever we can, to assist and promote the great organizations that help make Chicago a better place to live. 19148_319004635217_162010575217_5109261_2396020_n


So when we had the opportunity to help out with preparing and serving meals at Ronald McDonald House, we were all to happy to lend a hand!  We had a great time, and everyone got to share that special feeling of uniting with others in service to a good cause.





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…to everyone who helped make our Annual Holiday Party & Food Drive Fundraiser a success.  A good time was had by all, in service to a good cause.  Follow the link and look through our complete Facebook photo album from the revelries!


North Bridge Holiday Party

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